Clever Uses for Peel and Reveal Labels

How do you make a label with so much information, but keep your label visually appealing? Peel and reveal can help you save on high packaging costs while maintaining a unique and pleasant product design that perfectly matches your brand. By using Peel and Reveal, you can keep your label looking clean and interesting while […]

Multi-Versioning Product Labels

Electronic cigarettes are a booming industry, and they have very specific challenges when it comes to labelling. For example, most vendors offer various nicotine strengths and certainly many different flavours – all of which adds up to lots of different labels in varying quantities.  This challenge is perfectly suited to digital custom label printing. Whether […]

Protein Powders Need Peel and Reveal Labels

Health supplements and muscle-building powders are in high demand among fitness-conscious consumers. When your company is redesigning the packaging for a protein powder product or introducing a new item to the market, you need to think about the ideal custom labels to catch customers’ eyes. Most consumers of health supplements and protein powders are health […]

Will Peel and Reveal Labels Work for my Product?

A variety of label designs and methods may be used to tell your brand story when marketing products. Not every option will be the perfect fit, and some are better suited for specific types of products. Peel and reveal labels consist of multiple pages slightly fastened together by glue. They are a great way to […]

The Interactive Peel and Reveal Label

What a great invention the peel and reveal label is. Marketing a product means you need to use every part of the label to get your message across – to let your brand shine. You don’t want to use that prime space on your label to be anything but a reason to purchase. Peel and […]

Building Brand Loyalty with Peel and Reveal Labels

QR code peel and reveal labels

Who doesn’t like a chance to win something? Build your brand loyalty by engaging consumers with games & sweepstakes programs, and consumers will keep coming back, while bringing you immediate and measurable ROI. Whether it’s instant win, web, or collect-and-win games, we provide you with high-impact game pieces that will help you create the perfect […]

Save Space with Peel and Reveal Labels

With all of the requirements, on most products, these days, it’s getting more and more difficult to find the space to display all of the necessary information and still maintain the product’s logo and brand image. The business of labelling products is ever-changing. The guidelines change, the regulations get heavier, and manufacturers have to ensure […]