Peel and Reveal are Ideal For Many Applications

Peel and reveal labels, also known as extended content labels, are a great way to expand the real estate of a label without having to enlarge the product’s packaging.  They are designed to convey an abundance of information in a small and restrictive space.  From ingredients to regulations, pictograms to languages, peel and reveal labels […]

The Multi-faceted Peel and Reveal Label

Peel and reveal labels can be simple yet are so versatile. These clever labels and stickers have a top layer that can be peeled off to reveal another layer or even multiple layers. They are becoming increasingly popular. They allow your product to maintain its branding while giving you more room to include all sorts […]

Peel and Reveal – A Product’s Little Helper

The amount of information needed on your product label can be fairly large. Keeping your branding intact can be difficult when using a single panel label. Peel and reveal labels can be the answer to maintaining your branding while complying with the regulations regarding the information needed with your product. Peel and reveal labels, also […]

Peel and Reseal Labels are Where It’s At

As consumers continue to rely on packaging that is portable and easy to open, industries such as personal care and dry food goods use this option to ensure the right amount of convenience. With the convenient features of peel & reseal labels, it’s easy to see why consumers enjoy this type of label. Peel and […]

Peel and Reveal – A Great Label Alternative

Put simply, peel & reveal labels are nested labels with multiple layers. The user can peel back the label and discover more information. These labels need to be carefully produced to prevent ripping; when made properly, they allow you to fit more information into a limited space. These small labels can be applied on any […]

Peel and Reveal is Often the Way to Go

Peel and reveal labels are the way to go when you have more information than label for your product. You can avoid tiny print that often irks your customers. Peel and reveal labels are those that have a self-adhesive base label and a removable top layer. This allows for an extra print surface to be […]

Benefits of Reclosure Labels

The use of reclosure labels has increased with improvements in temporary adhesive, which is designed to stay firmly in place, until it’s manually peeled away with ease. Packaging food in containers that feature these types of reclosure labels has several benefits over using traditional kinds of packaging, such as paper and rigid plastic. Reclosure labels […]

Dry Peel and Reveal Label Advantages

There are several labelling options available when it comes to marketing a product. Dry peel labels are designed to be removed from the packaging without leaving residue or tearing. The binding adhesive allows them to be temporarily attached and removed from the packaging or container as needed. They deliver a clean, simple marketing option to […]

Peel and Reveal Labelling is the Way to Go

If you want to get creative, peel and reveal labels are the way to go. Peel and reveal labels are often thought of for products with a lot of regulated information needed on their label. That’s not the only reason why peel and reveal labels can be a plus to your product. They aren’t just […]

Label Information Where You Need It

When on space limitations restrict the amount of copy it is possible to include on a single layer label, a multi layer peel and reveal label is the solution. Two or three layers of label material give you three or five additional printable pages. With legislation prone to change on such goods as consumer chemicals, […]