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Peel and Reveal are Ideal For Many Applications

Peel and reveal labels, also known as extended content labels, are a great way to expand the real estate of a label without having to enlarge the product’s packaging.  They are designed to convey an abundance of information in a small and restrictive space.  From ingredients to regulations, pictograms to languages, peel and reveal labels are a necessity for some and a marketing tool for others.

These resealable booklet constructions, comprised of a pressure sensitive label with a folded or multi-panel outsert, are available in a number of different sizes and formats to suit virtually all product applications. As more regulations are passed requiring extensive amounts of information to be on the label, peel and reveal labels are becoming common practice for commercial and retail chemical manufacturers. Likewise, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries are utilizing the labels for a variety of uses.

In addition to providing extra space for descriptive information, ECLs are the perfect solution for communicating:

  • Directions for Use
  • Ingredients
  • Multilingual Instructions
  • Recipes
  • Regulatory Information
  • Pictograms
  • Promotions
  • Warning Statements

In the end, whether through necessity or not, peel and reveal labels should do more than merely convey required information. They should enhance the value of the package.  No need for a large package for your product or even a printed insert. Peel and reveal labels will save you money and give your customers all of the information they need while still maintaining your important branding.

Labelservice is the UK market leader in the supply of peel and reveal labels. Across all industries, changes and additions to labelling legislation mean that more and more copy is required on packaging. Additionally businesses are increasingly using more innovative labels to offer on pack promotions to their customers. Check out all we offer on our homepage. We look forward to helping you.