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Peel and Reveal – A Product’s Little Helper

The amount of information needed on your product label can be fairly large. Keeping your branding intact can be difficult when using a single panel label. Peel and reveal labels can be the answer to maintaining your branding while complying with the regulations regarding the information needed with your product.

Peel and reveal labels, also known as extended content labels or simply ECLs, offer a neat solution to allow you to save space on the front of your label for design features that will help attract potential buyers while including pertinent and relevant information on interior panels.

In the OTC pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, industrial, and personal care markets there is a high demand for peel and reveal labels. In these industries, and others as well, the requirements for what needs to be included on your label are extensive. Extended content labels provide the additional required printing space without adding bulky outer packaging. Some of the typical reasons for requiring more space is for additional directions, directions in multiple languages, extended drug or supplement facts, or additional regulated information.

Peel and reveal labels, sometimes called two-sided labels, are a common and cost-effective way to add additional content to a label. Peel and reveal labels have information printed on both sides of the label with a repositionable adhesive. The consumer can peel the label away from the container, and then re-apply it once they have read the additional content with our read-and re-apply construction. Once re-applied, the label will appear as if it was never disturbed. A film material is recommended for a peel back label. Style doesn’t have to suffer when you opt for a peel and reveal label.

Booklet labels, sometimes referred to as multi-panel labels, utilize a hinged design to offer two or more additional panels of printing space. The top label layer peels open to reveal the additional printed panels, the number of which will be determined by your spatial needs.

When deciding between these two types of labels, space is the key. If you can fit all of your content onto two surfaces, a peel and reveal label is likely way to go. We can help you with deciding which type of label your product requires – contact us to find out how we can help you.