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The Multi-faceted Peel and Reveal Label

Peel and reveal labels can be simple yet are so versatile. These clever labels and stickers have a top layer that can be peeled off to reveal another layer or even multiple layers. They are becoming increasingly popular. They allow your product to maintain its branding while giving you more room to include all sorts of information. Use the top layer for the most eye-catching design and grab the attention of the consumer, and the other layers for information like instructions. Make people curious and entice them with a bold top layer.

Multi-layer peel and reveal labels are the answer to many problems when labelling a small container. When there isn’t a lot of room on your container, peel and reveal labels might be the only way to include all the information necessary onto a small sticker and then onto a small pot. For this reason, peel and reveal labels are especially useful in the beauty industry and used a lot for things like eye creams and lip balms.

More and more consumers are demanding more information be included on the label to show transparency and include not just content information, but the sources of the ingredients, and also the processes used to make the product. Including this information, particularly with ethical products, might just tip the consumer in favour of your brand over your competitor.

There is ongoing legislation regarding the very specific information that absolutely must be included on the label of many products. Peel and reveal labels are a good way to be sure that this information is well organised and restricted to one part of the container rather than over its entire surface. Ideal for vitamin containers, food products and other heavily legislated products.

Peel and reveal labels that include different languages are a game changer when selling your products abroad. No need to label the same product with different labels according to the country it will be sold in. Using a peel and reveal label in this way enables you to better manage your stock, saves time and eliminates error.

You can print unique codes onto your peel and reveal labels to let purchasers know if they have won a prize, a discount or other type of special offer. The code is covered up and only revealed once the top layer is peeled back. These are also known as peel off stickers, and they have many ingenious promotional purposes. Contact Labelservice to find out how we can help.