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Save Space with Peel and Reveal Labels

With all of the requirements, on most products, these days, it’s getting more and more difficult to find the space to display all of the necessary information and still maintain the product’s logo and brand image. The business of labelling products is ever-changing. The guidelines change, the regulations get heavier, and manufacturers have to ensure that all of the necessary information is on their label.

The peel and reveal label allows for more room for this required information while maintaining the brand image and logo. A peel and reveal label is a space saving label that can be peeled back to reveal pages of information underneath the main label. The labelling business is keeping up with the times and is getting quite good at creating labels that attract the customer base and inform them, as required, about all of the various things such as ingredients, directions, warnings, allergy alerts, and expiry or best before dates. Each element of information could have its own page. That would make it easier for the consumer to read and digest the various details.

The top layer, or main frame, of a label can maintain its attractiveness and still catch the eye of the consumers. It is said that a consumer spends approximately six seconds looking at a product. In that 6 seconds, a product has to speak to the consumer. It has to create an instant connection in order to entice the consumer to pick the product off the shelf and examine it a bit longer. With peel and reveal labels, producers can focus attention on their logo and brand image in order to speak to the consumer. It’s a very competitive market for almost all products, so the main label must be eye-catching and emotion-evoking.

Digital printing is another aspect that can help in the use of peel and reveal labels. A product can have different artwork and even different fonts on each layer of the label. Digital printing is fast and labels can be tailor-made for different seasons or for various product lines of the same product, such as shampoo. Shampoo is a good example as there are different types of shampoo, made by the same manufacturer, that cater to different types of hair. Add to that the conditioners and a manufacturer could be labelling 6 to 8 different variants of their product.

 A peel and reveal label can give space to the regulated information necessary on various products. It can keep the focus on the brand and logo. It can be printed digitally to enable variations for products that have some differences between them. Combining digital printing with peel and reveal labelling opens up other opportunities, as well.

Digitally printed peel and reveal labels present the perfect method to offer promotions, prize draws and competitions for giveaways. Consumers love getting something for free, or even just having the chance to win something. Many products are sold due to the invitation to enter a draw or peel back to display an instant win or a code to enter to win. Why not put some fun in your product and offer an incentive to purchase. A short run of peel and reveal labels allows manufacturers to do just that. Market research will help to define what kind of promotion a product should have. The rest is left to the designer. The studies have shown that consumers use their emotions to purchase most products so get to know the consumer and let the peel and reveal label do the rest of the work.