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Peel and Reveal Labelling is the Way to Go

If you want to get creative, peel and reveal labels are the way to go. Peel and reveal labels are often thought of for products with a lot of regulated information needed on their label. That’s not the only reason why peel and reveal labels can be a plus to your product. They aren’t just for technical information, although they are really useful for that application.

Extended warnings and instructions are appreciated by consumers. For example, when a can of butane is sold to campers and hikers, a peel and reveal could be a plus. By displaying extra information about how it should be stored after each use, or proper illustrated instructions, your clients will be glad they bought your product over the other one on the shelf. That’s the kind of reaction that will make them think about buying your product for their next hiking or camping adventure.

If you have a product that is used for preparing food, recipes can be real plus to consumers. Simple recipes are considered a ‘plus’ to consumers – it makes them feel like they’re getting more than what they paid for. A peel-and-reveal with a recipe or two can even encourage clients to buy more of your brand’s items if you include other items in your product offering in the recipe as well. With a great recipe, a consumer will use your product over and over again, and that’s exactly what every manufacturer wants.

Peel and Reveal labels are an excellent choice for coupon and contest codes. Simply hide the code behind the label so the customer can reveal it when they bring the product home. This keeps your labels looking great and gives you more ‘real estate’ to advertise your promotion. Most consumers love a chance to win something – again, it’s an added bonus for them without having to pay more.

Forever useful for parties where a guest is bringing wine, a quick and easy reference for wine pairings is unforgettably handy. Whether it’s a food pairing on a wine label, or a wine pairing on a food label, a peel and reveal label featuring a wine pairing is a great way to seal the deal with new customers. Why not get creative and show the steps for properly tasting wine while you’re at it? For those of us who are not well-versed in wines, it can be a total life-saver to have this information right on the label.

Whatever you’re selling, the peel and reveal label feature will prove itself helpful not only as a smart label design but as an effective marketing strategy. The additional space it provides allows you to have the best of both worlds, so your label can be both beautiful and informative. For your consumers, it gives them more than just additional knowledge: it makes them look forward to something new every time they pick your product up off the shelf.