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Protein Powders Need Peel and Reveal Labels

Health supplements and muscle-building powders are in high demand among fitness-conscious consumers. When your company is redesigning the packaging for a protein powder product or introducing a new item to the market, you need to think about the ideal custom labels to catch customers’ eyes.

Most consumers of health supplements and protein powders are health and fitness conscious. You want to have a label design that’s attractive to them and gives them the information they’re looking for. The finalized design must combine a compelling visual look with comprehensive ingredient listings, matching shelf appeal with regulatory compliance.

Peel and reveal labels allow you to meet the many requirements facing your protein powder bottle labels. These fold or peel open to provide additional information. You can gain more surface area than your nutraceutical bottles really possess by using this style of packaging. The information stays on the label as opposed to attaching pamphlets and such.

A “peel and reveal” style of extended content label could be the perfect solution for a nutraceutical brand that needs to combine comprehensive ingredient listings with impactful design. The front of the bottle can be devoted to your company’s logo and graphics, with the extra information revealed by peeling the label back.

Consumers who look under the top flap of the peel and reveal label can find information including supplement facts, detailed ingredients and even information about your company’s story and mission. The front of the label will therefore be free to present a consistent look and colour scheme that connects all the many supplements available to your customers.

Whether your brand is an established company staking out a place in the fitness supplement space or a small organization just getting its start, you should make a point of standing out from competitors, using bold graphics to make your protein powders stand out among the many competitors. Your choice of a partner for protein powder labels can determine the quality of the resulting packaging. Labelservice doesn’t just offer extended content options, but also a variety of label materials and finishes that can help you give your products a distinctive look and feel. From shiny finishes to tactile matte versions, you can create a combination designed to make potential buyers stop and consider your protein powders.