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Multi-Versioning Product Labels

Electronic cigarettes are a booming industry, and they have very specific challenges when it comes to labelling. For example, most vendors offer various nicotine strengths and certainly many different flavours – all of which adds up to lots of different labels in varying quantities.  This challenge is perfectly suited to digital custom label printing. Whether you are looking to print labels for e-Cigs or e-Liquid, we at Labelservice can help.

As vapers all know, there are thousands of flavours available in various sized containers – from 5ml through 30ml being the most typical.  But that’s just the beginning. Because all of these products are also available in a range of nicotine strengths, the labelling printing challenge is significant when you take all these variations into account.  If you went to a traditional label printing company, the plate costs alone would bankrupt the average e-liquid vendor. Digital label printing, however, makes it much more manageable financially and logistically. As long as you “group” all the product labels of a single size together, you get the combined pricing for all those variations. We then run all those versions at the same time, and you can even vary the quantities. Some versions may sell better than others, so you can freely mix the quantities within the run.

For example, if your order is for a total of 2,500 product labels spread across 5 different versions, you might want 1,000 of one version, 500 each of the next two versions and 250 each for the remaining two versions (or some other logical breakdown to suit your business needs). We can usually be quite flexible in this way, but there are some practical implications if the quantities are completely randomized with no logical groupings.  For example, asking for one version of 275 product labels and another of 225 makes the production process more complicated, and may involve significant waste as well – which is something we try to avoid if possible to minimize our environmental impact.  Why is this important? – because we print multiple versions side-by-side across the raw material, so having equal numbers wherever practicable is much more efficient in every way. Does that mean all versions need to be the same quantity? No… just that we may want to work with you to even-out some of them if possible.  This usually only becomes necessary when we receive an order for many versions and the specific quantities are likely to create unnecessary waste (or extra time to break down in production). In such cases, we’ll reach out and see if there’s an acceptable compromise. As long as the e-liquid labels are the same size, we can print many flavours and nicotine strengths in the same run.